Nefail Ademi and the team of the architecture studio N2A.
Architect Nefail Ademi looking at building sketches.
Architect MSc and founder of N2A Nefail Ademi.

Nefail Ademi

Architect MSc / Founder

Draftswoman EFZ Arch. at N2A Jenny Eugster.

Jenny Eugster

Draftswoman EFZ Arch.

Apprentice draftswoman EFZ Arch. at N2A Vildane Shetifi.

Vildane Shetifi

Apprentice Draftswoman EFZ Arch.

Architect BSc of N2A Irem Aker.

Irem Aker

Architect BSc

Architect MSc and Freelancer of N2A Fabian Hutter.

Fabian Hutter

Architect MSc / Freelancer

Draftsman EFZ Arch. of N2A Hans Ueli Schoop.

Hans Ueli Schoop

Draftsman EFZ Arch.

Draftswoman EFZ Arch. at N2A Adelina Abdiu.

Adelina Abdiu

Draftswoman EFZ Arch.

Apprentice draftsmen EFZ Arch. at N2A Adem Limani.

Adem Limani

Apprentice Draftsman EFZ Arch.

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